Design Your Life Guided Coaching Program

There is a better life out there. 
Learn how to create it.

Regardless of whether you are starting your career, or are towards the end of one, the Personalised and Guided Coaching Program with Abhi Patwardhan will help you transition your life to a more rewarding one. This is probably the best time to invest in yourself.

In this Guided Program you will learn
  • Learn the Design Your Life methodology, to evaluate and design your Alt Lyf plans
  • Help you build a Compass to understand what energizes you.
  • Explore your relationships, the state of your health and how much fun you have.
  • Understand how to Solve problems by Reframing them.
  • Build Alt Lyf Plans for the future.
  • Engage with a Collaborative Community to test out the plans.

Design Your Life Guided Coaching Program with Abhi 

  • 6 One-Hour in-person coaching sessions
  • Includes Assessment and templates.



Some of our past program participants...

"This course helped me to understand where I was and what I believed in. I’d recommend this to anyone who feels lost in the busyness of everyday and wants to recalibrate and redirect their lives."

Eugene Lee

"Design Your Life helps to reframe the challenge we are facing. Its a powerful tool to look at issues at hand, especially helpful when combining the skill of design thinking."

James Lo

"The structured approach guided us to think in a series of steps. The course empowered us to test our goals and building our future. Highly recommended. I wish I could have done this course 40 years ago."

Kenneth Koh

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