Are you facing a significant transition in your life? 

Alt Lyf empowers you to navigate the transition successfully.

Everyone goes through transitions in life. They are a period of high stress. Bruce Feiler who wrote the book - Life is In the Transitions, Mastering Change at Any Age," found that a major change in life occurs every 12-18 months. Some are joyful and voluntary like getting married or having a baby. Others are painful and involuntary like losing your job. 

At Alt Lyf, our mission is to cultivate a "Design Thinkers" mindset to empower you to tackle these life changes. 

Our focus is on three significant transitions:

  1. Graduating from college and choice of career.
  2. Feeling stuck in a job or in a mid-life crisis.
  3. Approaching retirement.

We run workshops and coaching sessions to share

  • How to build a Design Thinker's Mindset.
  • Follow a 4-Step Process.
  • Which tools can be used to master the transitions. 


The Alt Lyf Team

Abhi Patwardhan - Founder

Life Designer | Mentor | Startup Advisor | Author

Abhi is a silver-haired corporate executive, start-up mentor, entrepreneur, and life designer. He is a 2017 Stanford DCI alumnus. On his return home, he set up Alt-Lyf with the purpose of cultivating a design thinker's mindset in people that will empower them to tackle significant transitions in life - career choice, mid-life crisis, and post-retirement. 

He is a certified "Designing Your Life" coach and conducts one-on-one coaching and workshops. He has partnered with NUS(National University of Singapore) to run workshops for civil servants and senior professionals. He has also run Design-Your-Career workshops for local community-based NGOs(for recent graduates) and Walmart (mid-career professionals). 

Abhi is a mentor for the Stanford AIS program in Thailand and for Startup-O, a Singapore-based assessment platform. He helps with refining ideas, business models, and Go-To-Market strategies. In addition, he can add value to start-ups thanks to his vast cross-cultural experience in Asia and Oceania.

He is also a Board Advisor to a coaching platform start-up and an edu-tech NGO. Besides that, he teaches entrepreneurship to college and high school students in India and Singapore.

He enjoys sailing, travel, overland trips, golf, writing, and everything dog. He has authored a travel book - "Angel Wings - Pawprints on Three Continents." It's the story of a dog's 10,000-mile road trip across the US and how a dog-loving nation embraced a goofy pup and his human companions