Reflections on my dog walk — Resilience

Are dogs more resilient than humans?

The early morning walk with my dog, Zoom, is the best time of my day. We have built a cadence over the years. His exploration of all the pee-mails is timed with my speed(which could be faster!). As I ambled along, random thoughts sprang into my head, like,- "Are dogs more resilient than humans?" It sent me down the rabbit hole of exploring this topic, and who did I turn to for some answers? - None other than Chat GPT. The short version of the answer was,  "Dogs have evolved to adopt coping mechanisms to deal with the stress caused by changes in their environment; a new home, a new companion, etc... They have an extraordinary capability of building bonds and attachments. This helps them cope with the changes. However, humans have more complex emotions and abilities, which makes them more vulnerable to emotional and psychological stressors."  As a keen observer of dog behaviour, I agree with this response.

Is resilience a muscle...

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